HAVE YOU EVER DRIVEN AN EV AROUND central Australia and back?

Ruined Weekend

Australian politicians famously touted in the lead up to the 2019 election that unless you voted for their brand of party that EV’s would ruin your weekend. Guess what? EV’s made our weekends sooooo much better!

Follow this blog and join us on the trip around Central Australia, it’s going to be a sensational experience!!!

We’ll be uploading photo’s, video’s, links and descriptions of equipment used

G’day. My name is Adam. My wife Tanya and I will be heading around Central Australia in our EV on the 20th of June 2022 for a month.

We’re by no means the first to do this. But it tends to go quietly unnoticed in circles other than EV enthusiasts or assumed it’s ‘not possible’ because politicians say so.

I’ll be writing in this blog where we go, where and how we charge, any difficulties along the way and anything else that may be of use to anyone considering doing the same thing.

The plan is to go from Marysville, Adelaide, Coober Pedy, Yulara, Kings Canyon, Alice Springs, then back home again. For those that have been following for a while, you may remember we did plan to come back home via QLD and the NSW coast, but unfortunately we’ve had to shorten our annual leave by 2 weeks and so that leaves us just 4 weeks which is not enough time to have a holiday AND drive all that distance. As well as showing the outback capabilities of EV’s, we still need to have a holiday and that includes days of no driving and just being a tourist and injecting cash into the local tourism industries along our way.

l’ve done similar trips before in ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicles, but this is a first for me in an EV.
EV’s aren’t just for the city, we live in Marysville in regional Victoria and I drive about 200kms a day round trip to work.

Going for a spin around central Australia and back in our Ev – a 2021 Tesla model 3 long range

EV’s are a suitable everyday car

There are EV’s on the market now from 2nd handers around $15k to over $100k for the fastest car on the planet (Tesla Model S Plaid). Yes they can also tow your van and boat and go off-road and models are on the market for tradies now as well.

Well folks, the trip is complete and I can tell you, we had the best time! The car performed beautifully and charging wasn’t an issue even in the most remote of places. At the top of this page there’s a link called ’On the Road’ where you can read all about it!

At Kings Creek Station in the NT
Ooraminna Station in the NT

I am a member of:

TOCA – https://www.teslaowners.org.au – thank you to TOCA for the loan of the your EVSE 3 phase UMC, it’s much appreciated! and

AEVA – https://www.aeva.asn.au