Towing, it’s a thing!

I often hear ‘yeah but you can’t put a tow bar on them and they can’t tow anything. So let me see, 510Nm of torque (a 2019 v8 Toyota Landcruiser has 545Nm) available instantly and doesn’t need turbos or superchargers to wind up and get it there. So it’s not a good tow vehicle again why?🤣

Ah yes, it needs to be able to tow 4t daily whilst doing in excess of 1500 kms non stop then taking less than 3 minutes to refill because that holiday isn’t relaxing unless it has white knuckle fever you know. Geez, the BS you hear muppets sprout is amazing.

Fitting was a breeze too:

This is an EV Stealth Solutions tow bar fitted by The Towbar Guys. I highly recommend both of them.