On the Road

Day 1, June 20 Marysville Vic to Keith SA

We had a great 1st day with the average temp around 14 degrees and cloudy . By Horsharm a lot of head winds and then the rains started all the way till Kieth

Breaks along the way were 18 mins at Ballarat, 24.08kW – $12.28, then on to Horsham for the next 20 min break, 31.52kw – $16.08 then to our hotel at Kieth where they had a Tesla destination charger free of charge for guests, 53.19kWh $0 Day 1 total = $28.36. Total distance 609km, avg. Energy Wh/km 168

Day 2, June 21 Keith SA to Port Augusta via Adelaide SA

Pretty much steady 110km/h the whole way apart from Adelaide

1 charge at the Tesla Supercharger, 27 mins, 38.40 kWh, $19.59 then into the Majestic Oasis Apartments in Port Augusta for the night and charged again on their Tesla destination charger which is free for guests, 68.10 kWh, $0, Day 2 total = 19.59, Distance 551, Avg. Wh/km 98.

Day 3, June 22 Port Augusta SA to Glendambo SA

Only 1 road today, the Stuart Hwy. 110km/h the whole way. Charged at the Ampol at Glendambo, $20 per hour to charge from 3 phase the would only give 8kW. After 4 hours and $80 to get from 23 to 63% (29.63kWh), I deemed that pretty much enough to get the Coober Pedy tomorrow. But just to make sure I don’t have to drive slow, I’m charging from the 15A outlet for the air con in our hotel room for the rest of the night till we leave with our UMC. Total distance = 290km, Avg. Wh/km = 173

Charging out the window from a 15A socket in the hotel room

Day 4, June 23 Glendambo SA to Coober Pedy SA

Again only 1 road today (Stuart Hwy) and 110kmh the whole way. we saw quite a few Wedgetail Eagles close to or on the road. Magnificent birds of prey. We did a bit of touristy stuff around Coober Pedy and will be having dinner tonight at The Big Winch. Staying at the Desert Cave Hotel and they have a Tesla destination charger humming nicely away at 12kW, free for guests. Cost to charge = $0

Welcome to Coober Pedy

Day 5, June 24 Coober Pedy SA to Erldunda NT

We headed from Coober Pedy to Erldunda today, biggest single stretch of the trip at 495kms. A stop was had about half way at Marla for 2 hours @ $10 an hour to charge on their 3 phase running 16A giving 12kWh then onto Erldunda where they have a 3 phase 16A plug that’s free for guests and also delivers 12kWh. Total distance = 495km, total energy = 83kw, Avg Wh/km = 167, total cost = $20

Charging at Marla
Charging at Erldunda

Day 6, June 25 Erldunda NT to Yulara NT

A quick run down the Lasseter Hwy and we arrived at Yulara and set up camp at Ayers Rock Camp Ground. They have a Tesla destination charger giving 12kW which is free for people staying at the camping ground. Total distance = 285km, total energy = 47kWh, Avg. Wh/km = 166, Total cost = $0

Charging at Ayers Rock camp ground

Day 7, June 26 Yulara NT

Doing various walks around Uluru and Kata Tjuta then topped up the charge again at the camping ground. Total distance = 155km, total energy = 23kWh, Avg. Wh/km = 150, total cost = $0

Sunset strip at Uluru

Day 8, June 27 Yulara Nt to Kings Canyon NT

We left Yulara and headed north for Kings Canyon We had an Ensuite site which has a 15A power point and this is how we charged whilst at Kings Canyon Resort with our UMC. The resort was a real let down after Yulara, but the walks around Kings Canyon were absolutely superb. As we were in the powered site area, we had many people that couldn’t believe that the car was charging from a power point. Many great conversations with people helping to educate that wherever there’s a power point, we can charge. Total distance = 311km, total energy = 55kWh, Avg. kW/km = 178, total cost = $0

Charging is simple from the 15A socket at our powered ensuite site

Day 9, June 28 Kings Canyon NT

The Rim walk and walk up the bottom of Kings Canyon are truly spectacular and not to be missed.

Rim walk
Stunning rock walls
The rare rain was welcome to see

Day 10, June 29 Kings Canyon NT to Erldunda NT. Total distance = 272km, total energy = 51kWh, Avg kW/km = 173, total cost = $0

Day 11, June 30 Erldunda to Alice Springs

On the way to Alice we stopped at Simpsons Gap for some admiration of theses amazing formations. Then into Alice to say hi to Hunter from Alicetronics and get some charge from his fantastic store (thanks Hunter – Outback EV) then onto to Ooraminna Homestead for 2 nights as there was no accomodation available in Alice Springs. Total distance = 283, total energy = 52kWh, Avg kW/km = 185, total cost = $0

Day 12, July 1 Ooraminna Homestead – Haye (40 mins from Alice)

This place is amazing, apart from a mouse problem (that the whole of Central Australia has) it’s a superb place to stay. We’re in glamping tents and im charging the car via a 10A power point down at the ’movie set’. This set has been used twice recently for movies, including a film featuring Bryan Brown and Sam Neill called Sweet Country. There are many great walks on this 600 acre working property and it’s something to definitely put on the bucket list.

Charging on the film set overnight
Billabong on Ooraminna Station
Some of the owners pets taking a look at the car

Day 13, July 2 Ooraminna Station to Kulgera

We headed south down for a night at Kulgera before moving on. The pub is a classic. The queue for diesel was about 300m long as everyone was towing something the size of a house behind them taking up all the other diesel bowsers. Charging was a breeze at the 3 phase charger in the caravan park facility at $10 an hour. $50 and we’e full! Total distance = 295km, total power = 50kWh, Avg kW/km = 171, total cost = $50

Sunrise on the dirt road out of Ooraminna Station
Charging at Kulgera

Day 14 July 3, Kulgera to Coober Pedy

After a -2 degrees night at Kulgera, i thought I’d top up 30 mins charging before heading off from Kulgera, then down to Coober Pedy again. This time we’re staying at a hotel that doesn’t have any charging facilities and I couldn’t charge from my room so I had to go back to the main hotel in town and leave the car there for 5 hours to charge on their Tesla destination charger @ $10 an hour plus $5 for this mornings top up at Kulgera. Total distance = 422, Total cost = $55

Day 15 July 4, Glendambo

I did my maths a little better this time and worked out I didn’t need to use the 3 phase charger and pay $20 an hour for really slow 3 phase (10% an hour). So I plugged the UMC into the aircon 15A socket in our room and got to 90% by the time we left in the morning which was more than enough. First bit of damage to the car today. 1km out of Glendamdo we got a stone from a small car and received a windscreen chip and star. This will need to be replaced when we get home, I called ahead to Port Augusta trying to get a fill repair but no luck. Total distance = 290km, total power = 47kWh, Avg kW/km = 173, total cost = $0

15A charging

Day 16 July 5, Port Augusta

Almost out of the desert again and into Port Augusta. The hotel here has a Tesla destination charger free for in house guests. Total distance = 306km, total energy = 52kWh, Avg kW/km = 170, total cost = $0

Day 17 July 6, Hahndorf

We left Port Augusta and headed to Hahndorf in the Adelaide Hills. We passed some fantastic wind and solar farms along the way. Total distance = 353km, total energy = 61kWh, Avg kW/km = 171, total cost = $23.30 courtesy of a Tesla supercharger in Clare

Wind and solar farms along the way powered our trip

Day 18 July 7, Hahndorf

We love Hahndorf, the food, the beer, the food, the beer, you get the point. An eat, drink, rest, repeat day today.

Prost! (cheers)
I could live here…..

Day 19 July 8, Keith

Another quick blast back to Keith as we head for home. The lovely folks at the Keith Motor Inn are happy to provide one of their 2 Tesla destination chargers free for guests. The amount of solar these guys have is super impressive! Total distance = 208, total energy = 37kWh, Avg kW/km = 177, total cost = $8.55 courtesy of the Tesla supercharger at Tailem Bend

Keith Motor Inn twin destination chargers

Day 20 July 9, Daylesford

We needed a couple of days at the end of the trip to get into a Daylesford kind of relaxation mode, so we checked into a beautiful old heritage hotel, our room had its own fireplace and wood etc. And the centre of town is about 300m away. Total distance = 431, total energy = 77kWh, Avg kW/km 178, total cost = $21.24 courtesy of a fill up at the Horsham supercharger on the way

The fireplace in the room was nice and cosy
This was a lovely place for a dip

Day 21 July 10 Daylesford – relaxing and enjoying Daylesford and Hepburn and great music and food at the Daylesford Hotel

Great live music at Daylesford Hotel

Day 22, July 11, Daylesford to Home (Marysville)

After discovering the only ’fast’ charger in the area is broken, we had to either backtrack slightly to Ballarat for a charge to get home or, I could ask the hotel if they mind me plugging into the outdoor power point to charge up. They were quite interested after I explained how EV’s are fine lime this as we’re not off till the morning so that’ll be all the charge we need to get home. They wouldn’t accept cash so I gave them a nice bottle of wine as we were checking out in the morning to say thank you and to encourage them to consider a proper destination charger.

Thanks to Central Motor Inn at Daylesford for the overnight charge

Home – total distance = 234, total energy = 37kWh, Avg kW/km = 160

Total Stats for trip – Total distance = 6050km, total energy = 1044kWh, Avg kW/km = 173, total cost = $284.04

DateDistance Location Total Energy Avg. Energy Wh/kmDaily CostCharge type
20/6609kmBendigo, Horsham & Keith102kWh168$28.36Tesla Supercharger x 2, 12kW 3ph Tesla Destination charger
21/6551Adelaide, Port Augusta 98171$19.59Tesla Supercharger, 12kW Tesla Destination Charger
22/6290Glendambo 47173$80.003 phase 11A 8kW, 3kW 15A power point 
23/6264Coober Pedy51193$0.00Tesla 16A destination
24/6496Marla, Erldunda 83167$20.003ph 16A 12kW, Tesla Destination charger
25/6285Yulara47166$0.0012kW – 16A  3ph Tesla Destination charger
26/6155Yulara23150$0.0012kW – 16A  3ph Tesla Destination charger
27/6311Kings Canyon 55178$0.003kW – 15A power point
28/6Rest dayKings Canyon

29/6272Erldunda 51173$0.003ph 12kW 16A
30/6283Ooraminna 52185$0.002kW – 10A power point 
1/60Ooraminna Rest day
2/6295Kulgera50171$50.0012kW – 3ph 16A
3/6422Coober Pedy 

$5, $2512kW – 3ph 16A, Tesla 16A destination 
4/6290Glendambo 47173$0.003kW 15A power point 
5/6306Port Augusta 52170$0.0012kW 3ph Tesla Destination charger 
6/6353Hahndorf 61171$23.30Tesla 125kW Supercharger 
7/60Hahndorf Rest

8/6208Keith37177$8.55Tesla 250kW Supercharger Tailem Bend & Tesla 11kW 3 phase destination charger
9/6431Daylesford 77178$21.24Tesla 250kW Supercharger Horsham
10/60Daylesford Rest

2kW – 10A power point